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your company can use a network of in-house and external consultants and resources to assist with specific Business issues.

Startup Educational Program

Addressing specific issues confronting the high-tech start-up company. Past presentations have included a speaker from the IL Treasurers Office on programs designed to help small businesses get financing and reduce borrowing costs; patent law for technology entrepreneurs; and the basics of CRM and marketing databases for entrepreneurs.

proposal preparation 

This is the most demanded service and our true specialty. More than 40% of the proposals prepared by BCI the last 4 years have been funded. We keep in constant contact with the client while we handle all the process of preparation and delivery of the project’s proposal (fit in the call, project design, search for partners, writing and submission of the proposal and contract negotiation).

innovation strategy 

We analyze your ideas and projects for free to give you advice on the best way of increasing your chances of being funded.

It is important to keep in mind that even though a business may enjoy great success in the market, it does not mean that it can fit into any topic. To identify which is the most appropriate topic to present your project is a key aspect to raise your success potential.

With our expertise, we will direct your proposal towards the most suitable instrument, so you can dedicate your time to innovate without any other worries in your mind.

project management 

We manage all the administrative, legal and financial aspects of the project, including the justification of costs after being financed. This way, you can focus on the scientific part without any other concern while ARISTOS takes care of all the rest.

Access to University & Academic Resources

Access to research field mentors

faculty contacts and student interns.

Entrepreneurial Support / Business Planning.

Office Space & Facilities

The Technology Innovation Center offers month-to-month leases designed to meet the changing needs of early-stage companies.


The Incubator provides a high-tech business environment designed for  startup entrepreneurs and joint projects activities  


The Bulgarian Center of Innovation has two facilities in Sofia.

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