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MultiSense Winner of the Israel mobile summit

Number one Start up for 2017

The Israeli startup was founded by Aviram Siboni and participated at the StartupBootCamp Accelerator. The company developed a biometric data security system. Their goal is to solve one of today's greatest problems, identification/verification of the user. Today smartphones are equipped with biometric tech such as: finger, face, voice. The main issue with these solutions is their lack of performance and liability. Just a few weeks ago, Samsung experienced scandalous review when one of the employees revealed a video how to hack the system with nothing more than a printed picture of his face. To solve this and other creative hacking ideas, Multisense offers sophisticated IP'S and mechanisms built in their voice and face recognition engines and combine those with even more options such as: Pulse recognition, Finger, NFC, Geo Profiling, OTP, Dynamic QR, to make sure the identification of the user is one hundred percent accurate.

Entry ticket directly to the final in China!

The company won a first place at the 2017 startup competition and now will participate at the big final in the Shanghai MWC.

Israel Mobile Summit competition Mark a steppingstone for the company “Gett a texi” and other successful apps won in the past years…

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