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ICI to build Automated Factories

In a landmark initiative set to unfold between 2024 and 2026, ICI, in partnership with MTG (the Metropolis Group) and local collaborators in Bulgaria and Greece, will begin the construction of automated cement factories. This venture marks a significant leap into Industry 5.0, bringing cutting-edge robotic equipment and IoT into the production of wet cement products. These state-of-the-art facilities are expected to produce over 1,000,000 meters of products annually, revolutionizing the industry with significant savings in waste, manpower, energy, and carbon emissions, all while operating with electric, automated machinery.


Wet casting is a widely used method in the creation of concrete paving elements across Europe. This technique is known for its straightforward technology and cost-effectiveness, particularly due to the affordability of the molds, which are typically fashioned from materials such as polyurethane or ABS plastic. While it represents one of the two principal methods in the industry alongside hydraulic pressing, wet-cast products tend to be less robust, show inconsistencies in quality, and require a longer period—often exceeding a week—before they are market-ready

The Problem

Outdated Methods: Current production techniques in construction are antiquated, leading to high labor demands and inefficiency.

Worker Safety: Modern construction sites rank high for unsafe working conditions, necessitating immediate attention.

Eco-Friendly Practices: Today's construction operations fall short of green standards, often contributing to environmental disruption.

Energy Utilization: Energy use in construction lags other industries, showcasing a significant area for improvement.

Quality Assurance: Adequate monitoring and quality control on sites are severely lacking, with minimal utilization of available technology.

Our Mission

•Collaborative Innovation: Establish a cutting-edge Industry 5.0 automated line for wet casting products, integrating robotics and human expertise.

•Advanced Integration: Employ IoT and big data to enhance human-robot collaboration, increasing efficiency and adding a human touch to automation.

•Eco-System Development: Build an automation and robotics ecosystem that is primed for the evolution into Industry 6.0.

•Strategic Preparation: Focus on developing systems that will enable the swift transition to factories with minimal human intervention, leveraging AI and computer vision (CV).

ICI Will update on progress and more collaborations soon


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